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Free Guide: 8 Easy Steps to Buy Real Estate in Zambia in 2021

What does it take to purchase real estate in Zambia? Keep reading to check out this 8-step guide to know the process inside and out. Read now to learn more!


So, you are looking to purchase real estate in Zambia. If you ask us, it’s an excellent investment decision, given how reliable the real estate market is. However, buying real estate in Zambia isn’t straightforward. You will have to follow the right steps and ensure that you have all the documents and permissions to initiate the property transfer. Therefore, we have published this extensive guide to help you keep track of the process. Just stay with us till the very end! Let’s get started.

1. Conduct extensive property research

This is the first step of the process, and most of our customers don’t follow it to perfection. Always remember: without proper research, you are only making the process more exhausting.

So, hire a real estate professional or go to property listing sites to shortlist the properties you can purchase. Make sure the real estate professional has complete knowledge about the property market in Zambia.

Once you shortlist the property, take time out to visit the site and physically audit it. Take the help of a lawyer to check if the property is registered and if it is legal to purchase it.

2. Set up the contract (very important)

Here’s a rule of thumb you should never forget: Every transaction or agreement in the property purchase process should be in WRITING! This will eliminate chances of forgery as you will have physical proof of everything.

Begin preparing the contract for the property purchase. In this, you will have to mention what each party involved in the transaction has to do. Moreover, you will have to mention the final price the parties agreed on and the finalized mode of transaction.

Moreover, make sure you get a letter offer when purchasing a property from a developer. The contract is shared at a later stage. When you connect us for the first time, we will share all the information about creating the contracts.

3. Pay for the property

Once you have checked the real estate property and created a contract, make sure the parties involved sign the contract. This will open the door for a transaction.

Here’s a small detail you should consider while making the transaction. Only make the payment as agreed on the contract. In other words, if you have mentioned the lump sum payments or a specific payment plan, then stick to it.

Don’t make changes to it; otherwise, you might have to renew the contract. Anyway, make the payment and ensure a successful transaction.

4. Get the government’s consent for property transfer

The property transfer involves many rules and laws, and therefore, requires the government’s permission. The Zambian government has created the Ministry of Lands that governs the transfer of property.

Sellers of the properties will have to get the government’s consent to make a sale. They will have to check whether or not you are eligible to own land in Zambia. Once they get the government’s consent, they can start the process of property transfer.

This is also where the parties involved will have to pay the taxes involved in the land transfer. The tax is paid to the ZRA.

5. Hire a lawyer to make transfer document

This is another crucial part of the real estate purchase in Zambia. Now, you will have to prepare documents for the property transfer. Since these are legal documents, we suggest you approach a lawyer to prepare them for you.

The legal document we are discussing is called the Assignment. It mentions the transfer of property ownership. Once prepared, get it signed by the seller. If you hire us for the property purchase, we will use the in-house lawyer to create the documents for you.

6. Check for all the documents

Now is the time you went through the entire process again and check if you have all the necessary documents for the property purchase. You should securely put the certificate of title, the Assignment, Property Transfer Tax Clearance Certificate, and others inside a folder that you can submit to the Ministry of Lands.

7. Submit the documents at the Ministry of Lands

The Ministry of Lands will ask for the documents you collected in the previous steps. Provide them as and when asked to ensure the property is transferred to your name. You will have to pay some fees for the transfer to happen. The fee will depend on the value of the property.

8. Hire professionals for smooth land purchase

The steps mentioned above will ensure a successful property transfer. But, preparing the documents and navigating through the Ministry of Lands isn’t simple. Many of our customers have tried their hand, but the complexity of the process is just too much to handle. So, hire a real estate professional that can help you through the process.

Keep reading!

There you have it. We have shared the steps you need to follow to purchase the desired land or real estate property in Zambia. Hopefully, the guide gave you clarity on the process. We know what you are thinking - buying property in Zambia is so confusing. Indeed, the process is a little exhausting. But, you don’t have to sweat it. Always know that you can give us a call, and we will get the job done for you. We have been in the Zambian real estate industry for a while now and know it from inside and out. Connect with our friendly representatives today!

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